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In an ever-evolving financial world, keeping up can often feel overwhelming. The Informationist Insider Community is designed to bridge the gap between complexity and understanding, between financial noise and actionable knowledge. It's more than just a membership—it's a journey of enlightenment and empowerment.

1. Insider Chat

  • Real-time Conversations: Engage in live, enriching discussions with fellow Informationist enthusiasts, traders, investors, and me—James. This is where knowledge meets curiosity.

  • Expand Your Financial Acumen: Benefit from crowd wisdom. From hot topics to hidden gems, discover perspectives you never considered.

  • Build Your Network: Connect with a community that shares your interests and ambitions, paving the way for partnerships and friendships.

2. Insider Monthly Letter

  • Macro-focused Insights: Dive deep into the financial universe with an easy-to-read monthly digest that breaks down global macroeconomic trends and market insights.

  • The Perfect Companion: Designed to complement the Insider ETF Portfolios, the Monthly Letter offers a holistic view of the market to guide your investment strategies.

  • Stay Ahead: With our precise, well-researched, and up-to-date market commentary, you'll always be one step ahead in the financial game.

3. Insider ETF Portfolios

  • Power of Simplicity: Navigate the financial markets with portfolios centered around the flexibility and transparency of ETFs—commodities, debt, broad markets, sector-focused, international, and even short equity.

  • Tailored Strategies: Benefit from macro insights that inform each of our portfolios—Macro Tactical, The 10-Year Portfolio, and the Macro-ETF IRA Portfolio.

  • Long-term Vision, Tactical Execution: Whether you're looking for active monthly rotations or a solid long-term growth plan, our portfolios cater to diverse investment objectives.

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Join us on this journey and let's reshape the way you perceive and interact with the financial world. The Informationist Insider Community is not just about finance; it's about fostering an informed, empowered, and connected community. Welcome aboard!